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Widely regarded as the best SEO company in India in recent times, MindWrack India is a complete digital marketing services company that offers streamlined SEO services to companies in India and overseas. MindWrack India brings to the table the technical know-how, business understanding, and experience of working with over 100 clients spread across 17 different geographies in the world and learning of more than 10 years. The cumulative effect is that we have been able to customize our SEO offerings and create key brand differentiators for SEO services in India with dedicated niche offerings for players in the market based on industry vertical, technological platforms, and geographical scope of the market segment that our client companies. We have dedicated teams of experienced and technically proficient professionals and project managers who enable our clients to achieve KRAs of technical standings on the web and business goals defined in terms of sales, customer headcount, lead generation, new business development opportunities through online marketing, and so on. We offer the best SEO services in India based on complete customization by investing time and efforts in appreciating the online and brick-and-mortar business models of our clients and thereafter streamlining each step of the project to deliver impeccable business impact through strong SERP ranking on Google and Bing.

Why SEO is Important to BAM, CAM & Online Business Enterprises?

AT MindWrack India we go by the book and accordingly classify clientele old and new into any of the three categories depending upon their online and offline revenue generation contributions:

  • BAM (Brick & Mortar) – entire revenue generation from offline sources.
  • CAM (Click & Mortar)- revenue generation divided between online and offline sources.
  • Online (Pure Ecommerce)- entire revenue generation from online sources.

We have observed over the years that with the exception of the eCommerce vertical, wherein companies want to stick to pure e-commerce and leverage technology, in most cases the progression of existing corporations and business enterprises in the MSME sector in any vertical is as follows:

To this extent it may be commented that the objectives and uses of SEO for BAM, CAM, and pure e-commerce enterprises may be explained as follows:

  • BAM CAM Pure Ecommerce/Online
  • New business development online Increasing online revenue generation Increased Gross Merchandising Value
  • Driving traffic into retail outlets Driving traffic into website Growth in online sales
  • Overcoming the digital divide for CRM, market development and direct selling Community engagement for CRM & relationship marketing Consistently top SERP ranking
  • High traffic generation for sales campaigns

Why Choose MindWrack India for SEO?

MindWrack India is an integrated digital marketing solutions provider and specializes in the rendition of SEO services and content writing services. While there is no dearth of digital marketing technocrats who have complete mastery over search engine algorithm changes and upgrades as well as content writers who can create great SEO content, the truth is that digital marketing strategy mandates the coherent use of SEO and SEO content writing services. MindWrack India understands this complementary relationship between SEO and content writing services and thus deploys an integrated approach to offering the best SEO services in India.


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