Our Company:

We have a team of young brains who have an industry experience of working with reputed digital marketing firms for more than 10 years.

The team at MindWrack India brings together the best in the business of fields like Software Development, Digital Marketing, Branding, content writing, social media management, photography and info graphic design, web development and digital marketing. It is a team that has worked with industry leaders across the globe and with enterprises of different scopes from different verticals.

“We listen, we process, we deliver!”

We have the best talent in the iOS Application Development, Android Apps Development, Digital marketing & SEO, content writing industry and bring business value to the table powered by our deep understanding of the technical aspects as well as client specific requirements. Our content writing services are completely SEO specific and faultless in terms of syntax and grammar. Our social media services are matchless and tailor-made keeping in mind the target audience and business goals of clientele. We as a team bring the power of content and social media to you.

How It Works?

Every business is different and we approach each job differently. Analyzing your needs is a must. We take time to talk with you, understand your goals, and begin planning to make them happen.

We’ll work with you to build a strategy that takes the best your company has to offer and combines it with professional website marketing tool. You know your business and we know web design. It’s the perfect strategy.

Once the design process begins, you may be involved as much or as little as you would like. We may begin with something as simple as a logo, if one is needed. Eventually, you will have the opportunity to approve a full site design. Modifications can be made at any point in the process. Our goal is your satisfaction.

With strong strategies in place, and an approved design, we’re now ready to start the development phase. During this phase all of the programming is written and online stores are setup. Now, content can be added to your pages and products to your store.

Your completed website is now ready for testing. Our technicians are looking for any potential problems which may keep your site from functioning to its maximum potential.

Once everything has been approved, your website is ready to be launched! Everything is now ready to go, tested and running perfectly.


Our team has grown with the number of years spent in the Software Development & digital marketing industry and boasts of user specific work. We live, eat and drink customer focus because it is the user who matters the most. We bring design thinking to the table to solve and resolve business challenges of clientele through our efficient and effective services of content writing and social media management.

We offer an exclusive platform where you will be able to put your thoughts/ hearts and feeling for your business and we will put them into words through our content writing services. At MindWrack India, get all the support you need to make your business grow on the digital marketing platform. If it is digital marketing you are talking about, we have it.

At MindWrack India it is your business, your brands and your goals that matter. We are mere navigators enabling you to reach the goals you have set out to achieve. Together we can and we will.